$347 490,66

Budget for the project action

Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) capacity development supported to ensure sustainability and local ownership of CCA competencies


  • Level: National

Contributing partners:


Focus Areas:

  • Climate change

Target groups:

  • Civil society
  • Population
  • Central authorities
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Business
  • Other


Start date End date
01 Sep 2020 31 Oct 2024


  • Consolidated capacities of technical planners, sectorial and university researchers, as well as NGOs and other relevant stakeholders in the field of climate impacts and climate vulnerability assessment methodologies and approaches, as well as socio-economic assessment
  • Elaborated gender-responsive, sector- and sub-sector level standardized guidelines or manuals, and technical standards for climate risks and vulnerabilities assessments to help integrate climate change adaptation considerations into planning processes at the sectorial level


  • Ministry Environment
  • Other line ministries
  • Government Institutions and agencies/representatives of the forestry, health, energy and transport sectors
  • Academy of Sciences and other universities
  • Gender centered NGOs